‘Before I graduated from the Robotics Centre, I was at my pal’s place the Friday before. I watched Resident Evil Retribution. Alice is my heroine and so is Jodelle. I realized that all of us have one thing in common; a wonderful heart. It gets trampled on, misused, betrayed; broken to myriad pieces and laughed at, pitied, but still beats to keep us alive. So that we appreciate the beautiful days of our lives and love back those who treasure us. That should explain why he has never given up no matter how life can be unfair sometimes.’

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Colors is a literary portrait by young digital writer Harun Momanyi from Kenya (his biography, his photo). This particular genre called science fiction/science fantasy is considerably underdeveloped in Africa. With the field of alternative creative content slowly taking shape in Africa, here goes a piece that is worth reading till the very end!

It has been inspired by happenings of the present and thus by the need to work on our daily life weaknesses. The story is set in the future. It’s a scenic, epic and an imagery encounter of alternative thoughts and happenings inspired by today’s intentions and inventions. The story has a ‘real life’ character that experiences a series of mirrored dreams.

This particular piece views life in a weird but interesting perspective.

The main aim is to encourage the audience, in a sweet way on the need to go positive on our day to day lives. Having cropped out of Africa and being one of a kind, it heralds for the need to read science fiction/mystery works from Africa. Mystery, high-tech tales and high concept literary works have been missing both on the drawing board and lime light as far as Africa’s production is concerned. The genre is relatively new.

The likes of Nalo Hopkinson (Brown Girl in the Ring), Minister Faust (The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain), Nnedi Okafor (The Shadow Speaker), Charles Saunders (Imaro 1, Imaro 2: The Quest of Cush) among others are some of the black Sci-Fi writers who are using the new media to reach out for the audience.

The collaboration between Momanyi and Samani explores the possible use of stem cells for human health in the future. Adam Lambert’s artistic high tech and moral videos inspire a scenario in which people have the ability to see each other in colors.

"The fact that love hurts and it doesn’t always work, making the involved parties think otherwise-that it doesn’t exist-prompted me to create a plausible ‘How soon is impossible?" says Harun.

Can humans date robots and aliens? That remains to be the huge question in mind. Albinos are also mistreated for their skin color. In the future, there may be a way to make them have their normal lives back as seen in the portrait. Digital freedom is also highlighted in the piece when Audrey takes a nano-digital pill with the intention of it being ‘medical consolation but her problem solving venture deems the whole experience adventurous.