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Kissenger or 'kiss messenger' has motion-sensitive electronic 'lips' to ...

New York Daily News-Jul 24, 2012

Shaped like a small head with oversize silicone lips, the "Kissenger" -- short for Kiss Messenger -- was unveiled in June at a scientific conference in Britain and is still being refined for commercial launch. "It can be used between humans to improve their communication," its creator Hooman Samani told AFP.

Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance lovers
Phys.Org-Jul 23, 2012

Long-distance kissing
Bangkok Post-Jul 23, 2012

'Kissenger' allows long-distance smooches
GMA News-Jul 24, 2012

Make Digital Kisses Real (And Creepy) With Lovotics' Kissenger
Techli-Jul 21, 2012

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Lovotics, the new science of human-robot love

ExtremeTech-Jun 30, 2011

By harnessing a new sphere of science called “lovotics”, Hooman Samani, an artificial intelligence researcher at the Social Robotics Lab at the National University of Singapore, believes it is possible to engineer love between humans and robots. Across 11 research papers, Samani has outlined — and ...

Hooman Samani On Kissing With Robots: How Machines Can Mimic ...

Huffington Post-Mar 13, 2013

Hooman Samani, a professor at Taiwan's National Taipei University, has developed the Kissenger robot, which “provides the convincing properties of the real kiss” via touch-sensitive, vibrating silicone lips. Kissenger offers an intimacy even Skype can't match, though long distance lovers might also delight ...

Scientists believe they've nailed the combination that could help ...

Quartz-Nov 16, 2016

Hooman Samani, a director of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Laboratory at National Taipei University, Taiwan, built a machine that ... Samani, along with Elham Saadatian, a human-computer interaction specialist, laid down the underlying AI theory in the paper published back in 2012.

Spherical robotic pigs transfer kisses between long-distance lovers 6, 2012

Singapore-based company Lovotics has created a range of robotic kissing toys that allow long-distance lovers to transfer kisses over the internet. The strange creatures -- called Kissengers -- look like little spherical pigs and have an artificial mouth that provides "the convincing properties of a real kiss".

Lovotics, an update on the science of human-robot love

ExtremeTech-Jan 30, 2012

Six months ago we introduced you to the work of Hooman Samani, a researcher who has spent the last few years investigating the sphere of human-robot love; lovotics. Back then, he had just launched a furry, tribble-like robot that mimicked human psychological and hormonal states, and communicated ...

Kissenger – The Long-Distance Kiss Messenger

odditycentral (blog)-Feb 4, 2012

Hooman Samani, an artificial intelligence researcher in Singapore, has developed a kiss-transmission robot messenger that can emulate and transmit a ... Hooman Samani's “Kissenger”,on the other hand, looks a lot more commercial, and could actually prove a hit, especially in some Asian countries where ...

Weird Device Helps Long-Distance Lovers 'Teleport' Smooches 1, 2014

"It is mostly a symbolic romantic device," said Hooman Samani, author of the study and inventor of the Kissenger device. ... ready for people to purchase in 2015 for $50, Samani, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taipei University in Taiwan,told Live Science.

Kissenger – The Smartphone Accessory That Lets You Kiss over ...

odditycentral (blog)-Dec 28, 2016

Back in 2012, we wrote about the Kissenger, a solution created by Dr. HoomanSamani, Director of AIART Lab (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Laboratory) in Singapore. It consisted of two internet-connected bunny-shaped robots with big silicone lips that could send the touch of human lips ...

The 'Kissenger' iPhone Accessory Lets You Send Long Distance ...
Telegiz News-Dec 26, 2016

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Creepy Robot Will Be Your Kiss Messenger [VIDEO]

Mashable-Jul 20, 2012

Long distance relationships just got a little easier, or a little odder, depending on your feelings about a make-out session with "Kissinger." The part kissing-, part messenger-, part blob-creature — created by Lovotics (love + robotics) — lets users send virtual interactive kisses. The lips are made up of ...

"Kissenger" soll Fernbeziehungen aufpeppen

RP ONLINE-Jul 23, 2012

"Kissenger" vermittle ziemlich genau das Kussgefühl, sagte sein Erfinder Hooman Samani - der Professor für Rotobertechnik an der Staatlichen Universität von Singapur hat sein Gerät nach eigenen Angaben wiederholt auch selbst getestet. Sein Kuss-Botschafter werde die Kommunikation zwischen ...

Jetzt kann man sich übers Internet küssen 23, 2012

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Kissing robot clears the way for human-robotic relations

Herald Sun-Jan 31, 2012

Hooman Samani said as well as bridging the physical gap between real people it could also create a link with the virtual worlds to add a new dimension to gaming. “Humans can kiss virtual characters while playing games and receive physical kisses from their favourite virtual characters,” Mr Samani wrote ...

'Kissenger' Allows You To Kiss Your Partner Long Distance, Explore ...

Huffington Post-Feb 2, 2012

Artificial intelligence researcher Hooman Samani would like to make your long distance relationship easier. Or if that fails, perhaps a robot will suffice? ExtremeTech first introduced us to Samani — currently a research fellow at the National University of Singapore — and a new region of scientific study he ...

Robotic Kissing Mouth For Long-Distance Relationships ...

Huffington Post UK-Aug 3, 2012

Digital lip-locking could be the future of long-distance relationships, hopes Dr Hooman Samani of Lovotics, who has invented the world's first robotic kissing mouth. In this promotional video, the creator of the 'Kissinger' (seriously) asks the deep question: Are text messages and video chats not enough?

Kissenger: A kissing machine for those who find Ostrich eggs ... 19, 2012

Kissenger has been developed by Hooman Samani of Lovotics in Singapore, who says it's still a prototype, but tests have shown “people have found it a very positive way to improve intimacy in communications with their partners.” Samani also told the that Kissenger won't reach the stores ...

“Kissenger”: lábios virtuais para os amores a distância 23, 2012

Os lábios artificiais, feitos de silicone com detectores de movimento, garantem “as melhores sensações”, afirma seu criador, Hooman Samani, professor de robótica na Universidade Nacional de Cingapura (NUS). “Podem ser utilizados como um meio para melhorar as comunicações entre os seres ...

Kissenger: A device that lets you kiss him from across the globe 28, 2014

A kiss, sometimes, is everything. It's the tell-all of what kind of chemistry two people share. One bad kiss, and it could be a major deal breaker. Of the many ways available to communicate to your significant other in a long-distance relationship, using touch is a tough one to master. Enter Dr. Hooman Samani, ...

"Kissenger": labios virtuales para los amores a distancia

La Segunda-Jul 23, 2012

Sin embargo, "cuestiones éticas" retardan su comercialización, explica el creador. "Un beso es algo muy íntimo. Para poner en el mercado un producto que va a tocar un tema sensible, debemos efectuar los estudios apropiados, sobre los aspectos sociales y culturales", explica Hooman Samani.

“Kissenger”: Crean labios virtuales que permiten besar vía Internet
Radio Bío-Bío-Jul 23, 2012

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Will robots ever love us back?

TNW-Jul 8, 2017

According to Hooman Aghaebrahimi Samani, Assistant Professor at National Taipei University Robotics, and Elham Saadatian, a human-computer interaction specialist, it may just be chemical. “The internal experience of love can be traced back to our endocrine system,” says Samani. “The way we feel ...

Kissenger, aparelho permite beijo na boca à distância através de ...

O POVO Online-Dec 23, 2016

... que acoplado ao celular, permite sentir o beijo de uma outra pessoa a distância. O aparelho foi batizado de "Kissenger", uma mistura de "kiss", beijo em inglês, e "messenger", mensageiro. O inventor do inusitado dispositivo é um pesquisador de Cingapura, Hooman Samani. Kissenger- Beijo a distância

Dispositivo para celular permite beijo na boca à distância 22, 2016

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''Kissenger'' : embrassez votre bien-aimé(e) à distance

Gentside-Jul 24, 2012

Le chercheur Hooman Samani, de l'Interactive and Digital Media Institute National de l'université de Singapour, présente le cupidon de l'époque internet : le Kissenger. Son nom est la contraction de "kiss" (baiser) et "messenger" (messager) et est donc un appareil qui s'occupe de livrer vos baisers lorsque ...

Un robot à lèvres pour embrasser à distance… L'homme-chèvre ...
Highly 23, 2012

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Asiático cria dispositivo que permite beijar na boca à distância

R7-Dec 27, 2016

Conforme o professor de Robótica da Universidade Nacional de Cingapura (NUS) e criador do Kissenger, Hooman Samani, o aparelho possui um sistema que transfere o movimento do beijo de um robô ao outro por meio da internet. E, com a ajuda da câmera do celular, é possível aumentar ainda mais a ...


ETtoday-Jan 31, 2017

這款由新加坡AIART的工程師沙曼尼(Hooman Samani)研發的「Kissenger」跟一般的手機沒什麼兩樣,最大的差異就在那個大大的嘴唇,只要在那個地方親下去,裡面的傳導器就會記錄下親吻的力道與動作,傳到擁有同樣一支手機的對方那邊。每個機器人上都有一個很大的嘴唇,它可以傳遞嘴唇的觸感從而模仿人類 ...

Vynašli prístroj na bozkávanie na diaľku: Kissenger!

Topky-Jul 24, 2012

Odborník na robotiku Hooman Samani z Národnej singapurskej univerzity vynašiel prístroj v tvare hlavy, ktorá má veľké silikónové pery citlivé na dotyk. ... "Najdôležitejšie bolo preniesť intenzitu, tlak a tiež tvar pier," uviedol pre agentúru AFP Samani, ktorý si sám Kissengera vyskúšal. Špeciálny silikónový ...

Kuss-Roboter entwickelt: Liebesgrüße aus dem Netz

Augsburger Allgemeine-Jul 23, 2012

"Kissenger" vermittle ziemlich genau das echte Kussgefühl, sagte sein Erfinder Hooman Samani. Der Professor für Rotobertechnik an der Staatlichen ... des Internets auf ein zweites Gerät. Sein Kuss-Botschafter werde die Kommunikation zwischen Menschen verbessern, ist Samani überzeugt. ANZEIGE ...

The next stage of human-robot love: Meet Meka's anime robot girl

ExtremeTech-Oct 12, 2011

In other words, it would be entirely possible — quite easy, even — to take the artificial endocrine and psychological models created by Hooman Samani, and implement them in Meka's humanoid robots. Before you know it, we could be eschewing biological, meatbag companionship and opting for simpler, ...

Smartphone-Aufsatz für Küsse aus der Ferne

Futurezone-Dec 27, 2016

Bei der Konferenz Love and Sex with Robots, die in London stattgefunden hat, hat Emma Yann Zhang den Kissenger vorgestellt. Dieser soll es ermöglichen, dass Personen per Smartphone Küsse aus der Ferne austauschen. Weder die Idee noch der Name ist neu. Schon 2012 hat Hooman Samani, ein ...


中国日报-Jan 12, 2017

比如这款名为Kissenger的智能手机周边产品就是一个典型的例子,你可以通过它与你的爱人进行远距离接吻。 The concept of long-distance kissing has been an intriguing research concept for over half a decade now. Back in 2012, we wrote about the Kissenger, a solution created by Dr. Hooman Samani, ...

Kissenger, dispozitivul de sarutat la distanta, pentru indragostiti 24, 2012

"E un mijloc de a imbunatati comunicarea dintre oameni", explica creatorul sau, Hooman Samani pentru AFP. Dupa ce si-a conectat dispozitivul la computer si s-au logat, indragostitii se pot privi in voie, in timp ce fiecare saruta gadgetul, simtind miscarea buzelor celuilalt. "Ideea e sa transmiti forta si ...

Son teknolojik icat: Öpüşmatik

Ensonhaber-Jul 24, 2012

Kissenger'ın mucidi Hooman Samani, AFP'ye yaptığı açıklamada, "Bu cihaz insanlar arasında iletişimi sağlamak için kullanılabilir" dedi. Kissenger, bilgisayara USB kablolarla bağlanıyor. İnternet bağlantısı üzerinden karşı taraftaki Kissenger sahibi kişiye güç ve basınç dalgaları yollayarak öpüşme hissi ...

Son Teknolojik İcat: Öpüşmatik
Haberler-Jul 24, 2012

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Kissenger, le robot qui transmet les baisers

Tribune de Genève-Feb 8, 2012

Hooman Samani, le concepteur du Kissinger précise que son invention peut aussi servir à renforcer le renforcer le réalisme d'une relation entre un humain avec une créature virtuelle. Tout un programme. Le robot baiseur est encore au stade de prototype. Heureusement. Les célibataires ont encore le ...

'Silikon' Pengantar Sensasi Ciuman Mesra Bagi Pelaku LDR

CNN Indonesia-Dec 28, 2016

Dr Hooman Samani, direktur dari AIART Lab (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Laboratory) di Singapura menciptakan alat berciuman jarak jauh yang disebut kissenger. ... Samani mendeskripsikannya sebagai sebuah alat penghubung fisik yang memungkinkan adanya ciuman. Sebenarnya ...

Smartphone Ini Wujudkan Ciuman Jarak Jauh Bagi Pasangan LDR
wartanusa-Dec 29, 2016

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Conheça os Lovotics, os robôs que amam

Galileu-Jul 4, 2011

Depois de onze grandes estudos sobre inteligência artificial, o pesquisador Hooman Samani desenvolveu uma simulação dos sistemas emocionais e endócrinos, responsáveis pelo amor nos humanos. Alguns hormônios artificiais foram criados, como a oxitocina, a dopamina, a serotonina e a endorfina. >> Cinco robôs ...

Wissenschaftler wollen Roboter menschlich machen

Badische Zeitung-Jun 20, 2014

Hooman Samani von der Taipei Universität in Taiwanso hat zum Beispiel das Forschungsfeld "Lovotics" – eine Kombination aus "Love" und "Robotik" – aus ... Das erste, etwas schlichte Ergebnis sieht aus wie eine rollende Hermelinmütze, der Samani und sein Team sogar ein künstliches Hormonsystem ...

Kissenger : osez les web-bisous !

Les Numériques-Jul 26, 2012

Les amours à distance pourraient avoir prochainement une nouvelle marotte. Finis les bisous dans le vide par webcam interposée ! Faites place au nouveau ciment des couples ultra-geeks : un accessoire pour transmettre les baisers en ligne... Hooman Samani, professeur de robotique à l'Université ...

Pesquisador cria robô que dá beijo na boca

Galileu-Feb 6, 2012

O pesquisador Hooman Aghaebrahimi Samani, da Universidade Nacional de Cingapura, teve uma ideia bastante inusitada para terminar com o ... Segundo Samani, é possível ter uma relação mais íntima com um personagem virtual, como os de jogos, ou até mesmo mostrar de uma nova forma o seu ...

Kissenger - accesoriul pentru smartphone care îţi permite să te ... 28, 2016

Relaţiile la distanţă sunt dificile, dar din fericire există tehnologia care le face mai uşoare. Kissenger este un accesoriu pentru smartphone care le permite la două persoane aflate la distanţă să se sărute. Dispozitivul este bazat pe un concept din 2012 al lui Dr. Hooman Samani, directorul AIART Lab ...

Un chercheur veut enseigner l'amour aux robots

Numerama-Jul 5, 2011

C'est le cas de Hooman Samani, un chercheur en intelligence artificielle et rattaché à l'université nationale de Singapour. Hooman Samani consacre en effet son temps à développer la relation humain – robot. Le chercheur s'emploie en particulier à enseigner le sentiment amoureux chez le robot. Il a donc ...

Aparelho para beijar à distância

Jornal de Notícias-Jul 19, 2012

Esses movimentos eram repetidos por uma palha noutro dispositivo, imitando assim um beijo de língua. Hooman Samani é de opinião que a criação japonesa vai longe de mais. "Não é preciso transmitir todos os parâmetros de um beijo. O objetivo principal é melhorar os relacionamentos à distância", ...

Das Netz lernt Küssen

ZEIT ONLINE-Sep 8, 2012

Ein Glück, dass Hooman Samani die Rufenden erhört hat. " Kissenger " heißt die Erfindung des Professors für Robotertechnik an der Staatlichen Universität von Singapur, die seit einigen Tagen, mit großem Freudenjuchzen bedacht, durchs Netz wabert und aussieht wie ein aufgeblasenes Tamagotchi mit ...

Tour the Labs Where the World's Creepiest Humanoid Robots Are ...

Wired-Aug 6, 2014

1/10“With “Human Version” I explore the ongoing, ambiguous relationships between photography and reality, and I experiment with the storytelling power of the image.”Yves Gellie. 2/10Gellie thinks that much of technology, such as artificial heart transplants, are humanity's attempts to escape mortality.

Roboter: Wie man Maschinen beibringt, Emotionen zu zeigen 16, 2014

Das sieht auch Hooman Samani von der Nationalen Taipei-Universität in Taiwan so, obwohl er 2012 das Forschungsfeld „Lovotics“ – eine Kombination aus „Love“ und „Robotik“ – begründete. Das Ziel der publikumswirksam benannten und bislang von Samani allein verfolgten Disziplin ist es, gefühlvolle ...

Pesquisadores pervertidos kibam Big Bang Theory e inventam ...

Meio Bit-Jul 18, 2012

O troço foi criado por Hooman Samani, de Singapura, que é uma espécie de Japão com um detalhe a mais (não pergunte sobre o detalhe). O pervo em questão é criador da Lovotics, empresa/laboratório/projeto que pretende aprofundar (epa!) as relações (epa!) homem-máquina (epa duplo!) através de contatos íntimos.

Cybersex-toys story

Libération-Aug 25, 2013

Cette technologie rappelle celle, plus platonique, inventée par Hooman Samani, un docteur en robotique de Singapour spécialisé dans les relations entre humains et robots, la Lovotics. En 2011, Samani a mis au monde des Kissenger, bêbêtes en plastique dotées de grosses lèvres qui vibrent (lire ...

Ce robot Kissinger distribue des bisous

Gentside-Feb 4, 2012

C'est le chercheur singapourien, Hooman Samani, spécialisé dans l'intelligence artificielle qui a conçu ce petit appareil à bisous. "Le baiser est un mode de communication humaine essentiel qui exprime des émotions positives telles que l'affection, le respect, la tendresse, l'affection ou le désir sexuel.

Gửi nụ hôn qua thiết bị điện tử

VNExpress-Oct 6, 2014

Để gửi nụ hôn đến người khác, một người cần phải hôn lên bộ phận môi của thiết bị này. Cảm giác sau đó sẽ được truyền tới thiết bị của người nhận, cho phép người đó cảm nhận được nụ hôn từ người gửi. "Đây chủ yếu là một thiết bị mang tính biểu tượng lãng mạn", Hooman Samani, thành viên nhóm ...

Kissenger« ermöglicht Fern-Küsse per Internet

Computer Reseller News-Aug 10, 2012

... Wange streichelt oder einen sanften Gute-Nacht-Kuss gibt. Ein untragbarer Zustand, wie sich auch der Forscher Dr. Hooman Samani aus Singapur dachte. Samani ist einer der Begründer der Lovotics-Bewegung, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt menschliche Liebe und Robotertechnik zusammen zu bringen.

Sabe aquele seu namoro a distância? Ele acaba de ganhar um ...

Nerd Site (liberação de imprensa) (Blogue)-Jan 30, 2017

Olha a tecnologia a favor dos amantes que estão separados pela distância. Um pesquisador, chamado Hooman Samani, de Cingapura, desenvolveu o Kissenger, um dispositivo que simula um beijo. É isso mesmo nerds, vocês não leram errado, ao que parece agora existe uma luz no fim do túnel para ...

Dispositivo permite beijo na boca à distância
Blasting News-Jan 29, 2017

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Robots sexuales: en dos años ya estarían a la venta

Misiones OnLine-Jun 22, 2015

Para que esto se dé naturalmente –según la teoría de Hooman Samani, profesor de la Universidad Nacional de Taipei en Taiwan– será necesario modelar una versión artificial de las hormonas humanas del amor. La idea es diseñar en un laboratorio aquellas sustancias químicas que genera el cuerpo ...

Robotlar da Bir Gün İnsanlar Gibi Sevebilecekler mi?

Webtekno-Jul 8, 2017

Ulusal Taipei Robotik Üniversitesi'nde doçent olan Hooman Aghaebrahimi Samanive Elham Saadatian'a göre bu fark sadece kimyasal bir farktan ibaret olabilir. Samani“Aşkın dahili serüveninin kaynağını takip ettiğimizde endokrin sistemimize kadar gidebiliriz. Başkalarına duyduğumuz hisler, bir ...

Kissenger: El accesorio que te permitirá besar a tu pareja a distancia

Tecnología 21-Dec 29, 2016

Se trata de Kissenger, un extraño accesorio creado por el Dr. Hooman Samani, director de AIART Lab (Laboratorio de Inteligencia Artificial y Tecnología Robótica), en Singapur, que consiste en dos robots conectados por medio de la Internet, que cuentan con dos grandes labios de silicona, denominados ...

Robot-Human Interaction: Will We Bond With Bots In The Future ...

Huffington Post-Apr 19, 2013

We often think of robots as merely assembly-line tools meant for physical labor. But they're capable of much more than that: like companionship, and even love. Will we come to depend on robots as a source of empathy? And will we welcome them everywhere, from the boardroom to the bedroom?

Rasakan Sensasi Berciuman Jarak Jauh dengan Alat Ini

Global 3, 2017

Seperti dilansir dari Oddity Central, Selasa (3/1/2017), The Kissinger pertama kali dicetuskan oleh Dr Hooman Samani, seorang Direktur AIART Lab (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Laboratory) di Singapura. Alat berciuman ini terbuat dari karet silikon yang berbentuk robot kelinci. Di bagian ...

Kissenger: Το gadget που σου επιτρέπει να στέλνεις φιλιά από μακριά

CNN Greece-Dec 31, 2016

Η ιδέα του Kissinger είχε πρωτοεμφανιστεί το 2012 όταν ο καθηγητής Dr. Hooman Samani σε εργαστήρια τεχνητής νοημοσύνης στη Σιγκαπούρη. Kissenger is 'a real-time mobile kiss messenger' .. enhancing social relationship capabilities in the age of digital communication!? #LSR16 ...

Un cochon pour transmettre des bisous

20 9, 2012

Il a été imaginé par le chercheur Hooman Samani, spécialisé dans l'intelligence artificielle. «Le baiser est un mode de communication humaine essentiel qui exprime des émotions positives telles que l'affection, le respect, la tendresse, l'affection ou le désir sexuel. La technologie offre une nouvelle forme ...

“Hôn môi xa” nhờ… máy

Dân Trí-Feb 2, 2012

Với “sứ giả truyền nụ hôn”của Hooman Samani thì trông có vẻ tiện lợi và gọn gàng hơn, chiếc máy đã trở nên nổi tiếng, đặc biệt là ở một số nước châu Á, nơi mà những phát minh công nghệ kỳ quái là rất phổ biến. Chiếc máy truyền dẫn nụ hôn này có kích cỡ như một quả bóng chày, hình dáng thì giống ...

En manque d'amour? Voici le robot à bisous (vidéo)

S'informer en temps réel-Feb 2, 2012

Hooman Samani a expliqué que son invention servait à combler l'écart physique entre deux personnes ou plus… Un système qui peut également s'appliquer à des jeux. “Les êtres humains peuvent embrasser des personnages virtuels et également recevoir des baisers physiques de leurs personnages ...


红网-Feb 2, 2012

研究员胡曼·萨曼尼(Hooman Samani)说,除了可以解决异地情侣之间的身体接触需要外,这款装置还可以与虚拟世界相连,增加新的游戏维度。萨曼尼说:在玩游戏的时候,人类可以亲吻虚拟人物,当然也可以接受虚拟人物的吻。研究人员认为,这款机器人将会令人类与机器人的关系更加亲密。萨曼尼说:亲吻是 ...


cnBeta-Oct 14, 2011

Meka 设计了一个女性卡通的造型,大大可眨眼的眼睛的卡通机器人,快来看看能给我们带来什么震撼吧。让冰冷的机器人都滚蛋,我们需要更萌更卡通的造型。Meka 就是这么一个。Meka 设计出来,就是为了给人们带来更加亲切的感受。它有着女性卡通的造型,大大可眨眼的眼镜,像猫咪一样的耳朵(官方说模拟的是 ...

부산에 여자친구 서울 남성, 뽀뽀하는 기막힌 방법에 '깜짝'

조선일보-Jul 23, 2012

멀리 떨어진 연인에게 인터넷으로 키스를 전달해주는 '미니 로봇' 등장했다. 미국 허핑턴포스트에 따르면 싱가포르의 로봇공학 교수 후만 사마니(Hooman Samani) 박사는 '장거리 연애 커플' 서로 애정을 확인할 있도록 인터넷으로 키스를 전달해주는 로봇인 '키신저(Kissenger)' 최근 개발했다. 키신저는 ...

Kissenger: Το gadget που σου επιτρέπει να στέλνεις ερωτικά φιλιά ...

SigmaLive-Dec 28, 2016

Η ιδέα του Kissinger είχε πρωτοεμφανιστεί το 2012 όταν ο καθηγητής Dr. Hooman Samani σε εργαστήρια τεχνητής νοημοσύνης στη Σιγκαπούρη είχε παρουσιάσει το Kissinger, το οποίο όμως ποτέ δεν κυκλοφόρησε στην αγορά και το οποίο έκανε χρήση της ρομποτικής για να στέλνει και να μιμείται τα φιλιά και ...


新浪网-Feb 13, 2012

... [中关村在线家电频道原创]2.14,一年一度的西洋情人节如约而至,虽然20啷当岁的笔者至今仍是悲催的单身,但工作需要,还是得怀着羡慕嫉妒恨的复杂心情为大家搜集新奇的情人节礼物。恋爱中的朋友们,送给他/她的礼物准备好了吗?神马!今年还是巧克力、玫瑰花、电影票?还有宾馆房卡??呃,除了最后一个 ...



Dengan Alat Ini Bisa Rasakan Ciuman Jarak Jauh (Siaran Pers)-Dec 20, 2016

Baru-baru ini, Hooman Samani, seorang ilmuwan robotik asal Singapura, mencoba membuat alat serupa namun dengan bentuk yang lebih imut dan mudah digunakan. Alat ini bernama Kissenger, fungsinya sama persis seperti alat pengirim ciuman buatan mahasiswa Jepang. Oddity Central mencatat ...

Kissinger, Boneka Ciuman Untuk LDR 16, 2012

... berlatarbelakang dari banyaknya pasangan LDR dan hanya 'begitu saja' teknologi memanjakan, seorang ilmuwan asal Singapura, Hooman Samani, ... Jepang, namun karena dinilai tidak komersil dan terlalu banyak kabel yang digunakan maka Samani membuatnya menjadi lebih simpel dan ringkas.

Kissenger, la original app para enviar besos a la distancia

Urgente 24-Dec 27, 2016

... real y llegará de inmediato al destinatario. Otro de los creadores de la app, Hooman Samani explicó que es "sobre todo un dispositivo romántico simbólico". Por el momento, Kissenger está a prueba y sólo se puede utilizar con iPhone. Más adelante estará disponible para utilizarse a través de FaceTime ...

Así es Kissenger, el dispositivo para "transmitir" besos a distancia
BigBang-Dec 26, 2016

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エキサイトニュース-Jan 6, 2017

今を遡ること2012年、その方法を考案したのが、シンガポールのAIART研究所所長フーマン・サマニ(Hooman Samani)博士である。 博士が考案したデバイスは、ネットを介して接続された二つのウサギ型ロボットで構成される。ロボットにはシリコン製の唇がついており、これが人間の唇同士が触れ合う感覚を再現してくれる

Kissenger: Dispositivo para besar por Internet

Tecnología 21-Dec 21, 2012

El profesor Hooman Samani de la Universidad Nacional de Singapur (NUS), asegura que el dispositivo 'Es extraordinario, incluso las parejas pueden besarse mirándose directamente en las pantallas de sus computadoras, además los labios artificiales, hechos con silicona y con detectores de ...

Kissinger, il robot che trasmette i baci a distanza

NextMe-Apr 16, 2013

Un robot in grado di trasmettere il bacio tra due persone distanti anche migliaia di chilometri l'una dall'altra. È quello ideato dal taiwanese Hooman Samani, professore alla National University of Taipei. Kissinger – questo il nome del robot – trasmette le caratteristiche del vero bacio grazie a delle labbra ...

Le jour où mon robot m'aimera

L'ADN-Feb 14, 2017

Épisode 4 – Body connection. Body connection / Comment embrasser et faire des câlins à distance ? On trouve aujourd'hui quantité de gadgets étonnants. Par exemple, un transmetteur de baisers inventé par Hooman Samani, professeur d'Université à Taïwan et directeur d'un laboratoire de recherche en ...

Tazza porta iPhone per mangiare in compagnia, virtuale [FOTO e ... 8, 2012

In buona sostanza, il buon Hooman Samani realizzato Kissenger per la società Lovotics sfruttando lo stesso principio della chat o di una telefonata o di una sessione di videochiamate. Ciò che è “analogico” viene digitalizzato: prendiamo ad esempio “Lui” bacia le labbra robotiche, queste captano ...

Crean robot Kissenger para transferir besos por Internet

Geekets-Feb 10, 2012

El dispositivo Kissenger para transferir besos virtuales fue creado por HoomanSamani, un investigador especializado en inteligencia artificial de Singapur y se espera que pronto sea distribuido en el mercado, como una alternativa para aquellas parejas que se encuentran lejos una de otra para mantener ...

Kissenger : un simulateur de baisers pour les amoureux éloignés 29, 2014

Les créateurs étudient encore les différentes moeurs culturelles pour ajuster le produit en fonction des coutumes locales. Selon Hooman Samani, professeur de robotique à l'Université nationale de Singapour (NUS) et créateur du projet, ces lèvres d'un nouveau genre "peuvent être utilisées comme un ...


Maxisciences-Sep 21, 2008

Par Desaunay - 7 juillet 2011. Robots : peuvent-ils éprouver des sentiments ? C'est la question à laquelle tente de répondre un chercheur de Singapour qui s'intéresse aux relations entre les humains et les machines. Il s'appelle Hooman Samani, il est chercheur à l'université... Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Pinterest. News.

Những nụ hôn quyến luyến và điên cuồng nhất thế giới

XãLuậ tin tức việt nam 24h cập nhật-Feb 15, 2012

Loại robot có tên gọi Kissenger (do Hooman Samani người Singapore thiết kế) được thiết kế nhỏ gọn, nằm vừa trong lòng bàn tay để bạn có thể dễ dàng sử dụng và lại còn có hình dáng dễ thương, rất thích hợp với đối tượng khách hàng trẻ mà nó hướng đến. Trên mỗi chú Robot này có gắn 1 đôi môi làm ...

Cybersexualité : à quand l'amour avec des robots ?

Terrafemina-Apr 16, 2013

Peut-être aussi parce que, comme le font remarquer les biologistes, un être vivant est un être qui mange, procrée et a des relations. Voilà sans doute pourquoi, Hooman Samani, chercheur en robotique à l'université de Singapour ne cherche pas à « humaniser » les robots, mais à analyser des émotions à ...

Những sản phẩm hữu ích độc lạ nhất thế giới

Tiền Phong-Jan 24, 2017

Năm 2012, TS Hooman Samani, Giám đốc Phòng thí nghiệm công nghệ robot và trí thông minh nhân tạo ở Singapore, đưa ra ý tưởng về 2 robot kết nối Internet, hình con thỏ có môi bằng silicone để giả lập nụ hôn giữa hai người cách xa nhau. Tuy nhiên, ý tưởng Kissenger này không biến thành sản phẩm ...